Editor and Publisher Responsibilities

Decision-making and accountability

The editors of E-mental magazine are responsible for deciding which of the papers sent to the magazine will eventually be published. Editors can follow the rules of the magazine, the restrictions imposed by law, such as defamation, copyright infringement or plagiarism. Editors are able to consult matters with editorial staff or reviewers in the decision-making process.

Objectivity and Unbiasedness

The editors of E-mental journal must evaluate each received text impartially and only on the basis of its quality and scientific contribution. This assessment shall take place regardless of the author’s race, religion, nationality, sex, age or affiliation. The editors select reviewers who have adequate expertise in the field and at the same time evaluate potential conflicts of interest for the reviewers in order to ensure an objective and unbiased assessment of the adopted texts.

Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest

Unpublished materials and information contained in the authors’ accepted text may not be used in the editors’ own research activities without the written consent of the authors. At the same time, editors must not be involved in the process of deciding on the works of which they are the authors, resp. written by family members or fellow editors. Any contributions of this type must go through a standard objective review process, without the intervention of the author / editor in the decision-making process.

Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Data

Editors may not publish copies of accepted texts prior to publication in the journal and may not disclose the identities and contact details of authors and reviewers unless they have given their consent.

Artificial Influencing of Journal Ranking

The editors do not try to artificially increase the ranking of published studies and the entire journal. Editors may not require authors to include in manuscripts references to articles published by a particular journal, authors, or publishers. The reasons for such recommendations can only be scientific and academic.