Author Responsibilities

Ethical Board Approval

If the present text describes human research, it should be stated whether the research was approved by the relevant ethics committee prior to its conduct.

Research Participants’ Right to Privacy and Informed Consent of Clients

Clients have a right to privacy that must not be violated without their informed consent. Anonymity must be maintained, identification data must not be mentioned in the text of the article, in photographs or in tables, graphs or diagrams within the study. The exception is only if such information is scientifically necessary and the client (or parent, guardian) has given informed consent to such disclosure. In this case, he must be acquainted with the manuscript and agree to its publication before publication. The provision of informed consent by the client should be stated in the text of the published article.

Double Publishing and Plagiarism

By submitting an article to the E-mental journal, the authors confirm that the text of the article was not submitted to the editors of another journal and is intended exclusively for publication in the E-mental journal. By sending the text of the article, the authors also confirm and guarantee that their work is original and genuine. If they have referred to the works and ideas of other authors, it is necessary to state them properly and quote them thoroughly.

Authorship and Data Availability Instructions

The authorship of the published text should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the conception, design, implementation or interpretation of the study. Anyone who has participated in the published text in this way should be listed as the author. Furthermore, the authors are obliged to keep records of data related to their submitted study text and to make them available in justified cases.

Warning in Case of Serious Misconduct

The authors are obliged to notify the editors of the E-mental magazine if they have found serious mistakes in their study and at the same time they should cooperate in its elimination.

Conflict of Interest

If the authors are in a potential conflict of interest, this fact must be stated in the text of the published article. It is necessary to list all the sources that contributed financially to the study.


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